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2012 Fall Rally  – Bikes

Leather and bikes kinda go together… go figure! A sensible biker needs leather to keep them protected, even if it is just a good pair of gloves or boots. There are plenty of bikes to see and here is a sample of what came to the beach this fall rally. Some amazing machines amongst them.


2012 Fall Rally  – Contests

OMG! This has to be the most memorable Ms Skanky Ho Contest’s ever! You have to see the YouTube video for the actual performance. “All That” the clogging group that performs at the Carolina Oprey daily came out for a surprise visit part of the show. Besides these ho’s were so funny, especially the crack ho that could hardly stand up! The winner was the big busted ho in red (one of the All That dancers)! Also on stage was an impromptu beer belly contest and a Who’s Line Is It Anyway contest where they all won free t-shirts.


2012 Fall Rally  – Bikini Bike Wash

I’d like MY bike washed by one of these. This is the rally that one of these girls met her husband while washing his bike. I just wonder if that was all she was washing. Later she became a Jamin’ Leather model with new boobs and all! Do you know which one she is?


2012 Fall Rally  – Mug Shots

A massage therapist on the property waiting for her next victim. Bikers need a good rub every once in a while. Can you find her amongst all the funny faces and silly actions. It truly looks like they had fun spending time at Jamin’ Leather for this rally. Funny how many don’t look like bikers. Maybe that why in our everyday lives you can’t tell who rides and who don’t! Bikes ain’t cheap!


2012 Fall Rally  – Entertainment

50 Shades of Gray came out this year and got so popular that we had to have a 50 Shades of Leather party with a sex toy party planner. It seemed to be a success especially after they pulled out the rubber penises and all. I just laugh at some of the shit they were made to do for the sake of the book. Bad Boys of Comedy with Mr T-Jay Turner came and entertained quite a bit this week as well as a successful Leather Charity Auction that benefited the American Red Cross. Funny, even a Tarot card reader on site all week. Bikers love fortunes.