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2013 Fall Rally  – Bikes

There is some crazy stuff out there. Lots of colors and brands as well as Harleys, Harleys and more Harleys! One of the most exciting modes of transportation that makes you feel free spirited. Here are some of the bikes that come to the third or fourth largest rally in the country. Myrtle Beach Bike Week is one of the best with it’s 60 miles of beaches and marsh lands. Come and enjoy the coast on one of these!


2013 Fall Rally  – Contests

Talk about funny, Jamin’ Leather’s annual Ms Skanky Ho Contest not only helps raise a few dollars for the American Red Cross but will keep you in stitches with all the absurd hilarity going on on stage. Hosted by Jamin’ Jamie with his stupid list of questions that might be fun to ask your neighborhood tramp. Only in the fall, come and see the fun. OH… the winner gets a 2 foot long summer sausage (we don’t know why, but they love it)!


2013 Fall Rally  – Car Show

Pre-Rally car show always brings out the crowds with all that eye candy of super looking machines. Classic and custom cars came out to Jamin’ Leather on 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach to kick off the rally week. These awesome machines will be overshadowed later in the week when they are replaced by the incredible 2 wheeled kind.



2013 Fall Rally  – Bikini Bike Wash

Watch them stroke all that dirt away. This sexy and meticulous biker chicks are here to get your bike clean. They are professional members of Thee Doll House of North Myrtle Beach. I laugh at the photos of the guys who just stand there and watch or simply take photos… why?? What do the tell their friends when they show them the photo? Inquiring minds want to know.


2013 Fall Rally  – Mug Shots

Costumes and strange people, or rather, strange people in costumes! We celebrate the 50’s and 60’s this bike week and we had the outfits to prove it. There is always some reason you need to visit Jamin’ Leather for bike week in Myrtle Beach.


2013 Fall Rally  – Entertainment

Elvis, Comedy, Magic and even a Scavenger Hunt! Magic is performed by Brandon Wagster, a world champion illusionist who put on an amazing show. Comedy brought on by T-Jay Turner and the Bad Boys of Comedy. They kept you in stitches without a needle. Elvis and friends, a.k.a. Caravan of Stars put on an amazing show with costume changes on virtually every song. They mastered the 50’s and 60’s genre for your entertainment.