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2013 Spring Rally  – Bikes

One motorcycle is all you need to get around and enjoy Myrtle Beach Bike Week like these guys did this Spring Rally. There are truly some amazing and expensive machines out there for some great eye candy …that is, unless there is a girl in a bikini nearby and those machines don’t even register!


2013 Spring Rally  – Contests

Ms Bike Rally 2013 was packed with plenty of people that wanted to see it. The girls competed for $1000 in cash and prizes for the top spots. The winner, a bombshell blonde that seemed to get the attention of the crowd.  Jamin’ Leather also had a Bike Show and awarded two with plaques while hundreds of visitors signed up for a free $200 leather raffle. Free t-shirts were the award for the few suckers that came and participated in the Who’s Line Is It Anyway skit that kept you tickled.


2013 Spring Rally  – Bikini Bike Wash

The indoor bike was was a success, not just for the girls but for the American Red Cross that shared the girls tips. Those girls worked hard and seem to have a ton of fun when they were not washing! 😉


2013 Spring Rally  – Mug Shots

Ok, none of the staff wanted to wear the orange safety vests so we asked them to dress the part for our 50’s and 60’s theme and they kinda pulled it off. I guess they really hated those orange vests! Check out the intense onlookers for our Charity Auction held Thursday thru Saturday of the rally. Can you tell which ones are shopping? Eating? and just plain bored?


2013 Spring Rally  – Entertainment

Comedians galore virtually every day that kept you laughing throughout the afternoon before or after the Elvis and friends, a.k.a. Caravan of Stars performances. Quick costume changes for every song. The comedians are all part of the Bad Boys of Comedy featuring T-Jay Turner. Solo performers came out each day including former Jamin’ Leather model Jamin Ortiz.  And for you biker Christians out there the Ministry in Motion Biker Church came to the stage for a service. God know, bikers need love too!


MUST VISIT – Featured Locations & Fun Images

How can you have a bike week without places to visit. These biker friendly locations need some of your time when you are in town. They have prepared all year to be ready for your visit. Make sure you take some time and stop in and say we sent you.