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Dear Local Biker Friendly Businesses,

_face glasses_0456Obviously you are an important location during the Myrtle Beach bike week rallies, and I’m sure you would like to support those who support the rally and keep it going, as I have for upwards of 16 years. We, here at Jamin’ Leather, have been posting and printing area biker events for free since our first edition of the Event Guide (a.k.a. Road Runners Rag) in 1998. We are currently putting together our 31st edition of our Myrtle Beach Bike Week Event Guide to be distributed to over 400 locations in and around the beach.

For years we have (as most biker friendly businesses have) wanted an event that encompasses ALL area businesses to show unity in it’s attempt to keep, maintain and grow this rally back to its former glory and then some. One solution was our Selfie Scavenger Hunt which was born in fall of 2013. Selfies get posted, on social media and shared all over the internet (to earn tickets for prizes). This part of the hunt alone gives your business a frenzy of free advertising from patrons which can be more valuable than any dollars spent in other advertising!

We need YOU on the map, in our printed edition and online. So get on our list of biker stops online and in print, post all your events and discounts for free, and participate in the Selfie Scavenger Hunt to get social plugs from your visitors and our marketing staff! We want you and our valued bikers to feel like an important part of this rally with the end result being an increase in your business. All this for a much lower cost than any other rally publication, plus gift certificate donations for the Scavenger Hunt winners. No other publication gives you the sheer quantity of guides printed, social media aspect, supported event listing, a website, quantity of locations delivered to, or a continuously expanding scope of content.

Quite a few years back the City of Myrtle Beach, quickly followed by Horry County, created laws and implemented rules and fees that restricted the growth of our rally and essentially tourism. Basically shunning our valued biker community! The very tourism that brought so much capital to the region. I could site specific examples, but that would be another article. Most decisions made by the city and county councils were reactions to a minority of outspoken biker haters. All this did absolutely nothing to represent our area businesses.

It is my vision to bring bike week back to the way it used to be and invite all law abiding visitors and bikers back to the Grand Strand and have fun through our Event Guide, MyrtleBeachRallies.com website and an increasingly popular biannual Scavenger Hunt!  If you are a business that shares this vision, we eagerly invite you to be a part of our vision as well! PLEASE help us spread the word and together we can make this rally the best it can be!

POST YOUR EVENTS FOR FREE or we will be glad to post them for you if you email them to us (info@mbEventGuide.com).

Thank you so much for your time, attention and most importantly your support to make it happen!

Jamin’ Jamie, Publisher Event Guide