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NEWS: Regardless the anti-biker political views and rhetoric going on these days the Beach Bike Rallies are here to stay each and every year. Sometimes the politicians and voters quickly forget that Myrtle Beach was built on tourism and will continue to do so. People come year after year to visit this wonderful tourist area with it’s oodles of attractions to entertain each and every member of the family, including the recreational biker. Area businesses all around Horry County, from Little River to Murrells Inlet know what time if the year is the most suited for riding. Spring and fall, when it’s not too hot and not too cold. This attracts the bikers from all over the region. We at Jamin’ Leather will continue to support the rallies as well as participate in them, with or without vendors, or whatever silly unnecessary tourist defeating ordinances politicians put in place. We as well as most biker supporting businesses with continue to plan and promote ourselves with special events, live performances, celebrity appearances, food and drink specials, indoor contests, free giveaways bike runs, outdoor entertainment, charity events and even an ever growing area Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

Nobody in their right mind would be accepting of rude, lewd or illegal behavior. We believe if any politician needs to make a change for the better they need to ENFORCE ALL THE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. On certain dates that historically have given the police and other emergency services a run for their money, law enforcement should be excessively beefed up and bring the defiant to their knees. This will bring our tourists back and restore this town back to they way it belongs, a fun and exciting place to bring your family, friends, as well as your biker and golfing buddies. Let our tax dollars really go to work here! This suggestion will be a costly one for our state, county and city governments for a few years but it will work. Keeping out the unruly, lewd, and unwanted will give us the peace and prosperity we all expect from this town.

One final note. You can’t make everyone happy, but don’t kill the industry that made the Grand Strand what it is today. We should learn from past experience that turning away tourism has already done to this town in the past. We can agree that voters should have a strong say in our governments actions or inactions, but when more and more of our voters don’t benefit from the influx of tourists it will have the wrong impact on this area’s future and the prosperity it can bring. Many businesses benefit from tourism and possibly not the same businesses that benefit from the bikers but doesn’t each and every business that pays to be licensed by the state, city or county government have the right to prosper? All I can say is that, if we do this all right GOOD will prevail!

See you this fall and ride safe! We WANT you to come back, each and every season (not just bike weeks).


Jamin’ Jamie, Publisher Event Guide